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Users may soon ‘unsend’ messages on Facebook Messenger

Most of us sometime or the other have said something over a Facebook messenger chat that has made us regret afterward. Be it as we were tired, angry or have misunderstood things and as it is said, words once spoken cannot be taken back. But with the all-new feature in the Facebook Messenger, one can surely take their misguided statements back and can have a chance to tidy up things. Rumors surfacing the internet suggest that an “unsend” option is in the works.

Talking about the implementation of the feature, it is quite obvious that a long press over the ‘sent message’ icon will show up several other options including options to delete or unsend the sent message. Besides deleting the message from the receiver end, users will also have the option to delete the message from their end too. So if one will choose ‘Delete’ as the option than the message will be removed from the sender’s end while choosing ‘Unsend’ will make it unavailable on the receiver’s end.

Though the new feature to delete the sent messages will arrive soon as an update to the messenger, it will have a limitation. The feature will only allow you to delete the messages for a set amount of time after it’s been sent. So the messages that will lie under the specified time window can be eliminated while the one who will exceed the time limit cannot be deleted. Besides this, the messages which will be seen by the users will also not be removed with the help of this feature as it can confuse.

There are no reports as of now regarding when the feature will be available on the Facebook Messenger but there are reports that the Facebook team is working on it. So for now, think twice before you text.

There’s currently no indication of when this feature will be available, only that the Facebook team is working on it. So for now, keep thinking before you text.

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