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Researchers develop an algorithm to predict blood pressure using machine learning

A team of researchers has developed a wearable off-the-shelf and machine learning technology based device. This device will help to determine an individual’s blood pressure and will also assist in maintaining it.

Usually, doctors advise their patients to make a lot of changes in their lifestyle like exercise more, sleep better, lower their salt intake, etc. — which is quite annoying and overwhelming and compliance is not very high.

Sujit Dey, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California in the US states said in his comments, “What if we could pinpoint the one health behavior that most impacts an individual’s blood pressure, and have them focus on that one goal instead.”

The researchers took the personalized data and affirmed its importance against generalized information. The data included sleep, exercise and blood pressure data of eight patients over 90 days. For the study, a Fitbit Charge HR and Omron Evolv wireless blood pressure monitor was used by the researchers.

Data obtained using machine learning and other wearable devices were then used to develop an algorithm to measure user’s blood pressure and identify the symptoms of particular health behaviors that affected it most.

Dey stated: “This research shows that using wireless wearables and other devices to collect and analyze personal data can help transition patients from reactive to continuous care.”

“Instead of saying ‘My blood pressure is high, I’ll go to the doctor to get medicine, giving patients and doctors access to this type of system can allow them to manage their symptoms on a continuous basis,” he added.

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