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Qualcomm CEO says that the firm is in midway of a resolution with Apple

On Wednesday, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf told one of the leading news channels that Qualcomm and Apple are at the verge of resolving their ongoing issues. During the interview, the CEO said that we do talk as companies sometimes.

In recent week, both Apple and Qualcomm have indulged in legal battles. Both the firms are alleging each other with Apple saying that Qualcomm is demanding a cut of each iPhone and Qualcomm saying that Apple is stealing the trade secrets of the firm. Such disputes between Apple and Qualcomm looks similar to the ones that earlier took place in 2017.

Qualcomm, which is a semiconductor and telecommunications equipment provider used to serve Apple and had good business relations with the iPhone manufacturer once. Though the firms are facing a tough time with each other amid the lawsuits, Mollenkopf is quite sure that the relationships between the tech giants will improve as their issues will soon resolve.

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf during the interview also talked about the 5G technology and said that Qualcomm would love to work with Apple. He further informed that Apple is working with Intel on 5G modems instead. Mollenkopf in the interview with the news channel said that the 5G technology would hit the market somewhere in the spring of 2019.

“We think the people that move quickly to these new generations, they tend to win if you look at the history of what’s happened to the Motorola and the Blackberrys,” he said in a veiled nod to Apple’s early years of success. “The people that made, that embrace the new technology do the best. Of course, we try to provide that to everybody, and there’s an opportunity there with every [original equipment manufacturer]”, Mollenkopf added.

When the interviewer Jim Cramer in an irony said that he wishes that he could have his hands on an Apple iPhone equipped with 5G “with Qualcomm in it,” Mollenkopf’s response was succinct: “We do, too.”

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