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Play2live streaming platform invites gamers for Beta testing on its Blockchain

Play2Live launches the open beta testing of their blockchain streaming platform to the general public. They have specifically targeted gamers and esports fans for open beta testing on September 19.

The blockchain platform aims to cater more participants so that they can get benefit from monetization schemes- streamers, viewers and esports tournaments organizers. In one of the meetings with Cointelegraph, the firm revealed that there should be a peer to peer interaction among the participants and even viewers can earn money out of it.

CEO of Play2Live, Alex Burdyko stated in his statement that there are certain features of the new blockchain platform that have never been used in esports earlier. Further, he added during the press release that the essential utility of the project is that it gives the opportunity of buying and earning LUC tokens directly on the platform’s website.

Moreover, the coins can be used in various other monetization options like donations, voting and assigning different opportunities to streamers, as stated during release. Between a span of two months from Aug 15, LUC token 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 was already redeemed by the platform itself from an exchange, at a price of up to $0.05 per LUC.

To enhance the whole process of content delivery from streamer to the viewer, creator of the Play2Live took another step and implemented the Content Delivery Network(CDN) technology on the platform. It accelerates the processing speed of the video, software, game and other digital content in accessing various system access points.

Meanwhile, Neural Network team will monitor over 200 streams simultaneously without utilizing the massive resource of computers. Apart from that, the team is also responsible for implementing algorithms for real-time monitoring of streaming videos, recognition of complex objects and video content. The neural network looks after each instance and fulfills all assigned tasks as well.

Besides this, beta is also well versed with multicasting functionality’s testing. During the launching of the beta in multiple stages, various streamers from different locations will be connected to the platform and will give more exposure to their attributes and other popular games. This feature adds utility in the broadcasting of esports tournaments.

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