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iPhone iOS 12.1.2 users face trouble with the new update

Apple is witnessing issues with the latest release of iOS 12.1.2 for the iPhone last week. After the release of the initial build, the second build was pushed into the queue being alternative of the first release. The second build changed only the build number, while the version number remained unaffected.

A significant issue associated with iOS12.1.2 is eSIM support on the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. Frequent updates are supposed to resolve the problems with cellular connectivity to some extent for residents of Turkey, but users at present are facing challenges with mobile data connectivity and their updates across the world.

iPhone users located in various part of the world including Europe, Asia, and South America showed more profound concern on this issue and most of them took the concern to Twitter to inform Apple that their phones are not able to connect with LTE data. Besides this, users from North America & United States also reported a similar issue.

Some of the concerns were related to not being able to make phone calls, while others were not able to send or receive text messages. Several iPhone users even faced problems with WiFi connectivity and running iOS 12.1.2.

The latest revision of iOS came up as a bit of a mess to iPhone users. Moreover, Apple support has not yet acknowledged the issue, say reports.

For the users who are affected by the issues of calling, messaging, and cellular data, there is good news for them, as iOS 12.1.3 is not far away. Apple at present is pretty much focused on releasing another revision of the current version. The upgraded version will avoid further iPhone bans internationally rather than fixing users issues. Apple will hopefully toss in some patches as well.

Good news for the iPhone users is that if they have not upgraded to iOS12.1.2, they can stay away from the upgrade until Apple acknowledges the issue and come on a specific conclusion.

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