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Huawei unveils ultra-fast charging lithium-silicon battery

On Monday, Huawei Consumer Business Group unveiled the first patented lithium-silicon battery of the industry. This lithium-silicon battery will improve the fast-charging capability and will ensure safety on the other hand. With this invention, the company has achieved a breakthrough in battery life.

The patented technology unveiled on Monday was the iteration of the battery that the company will soon be using in the upcoming Huawei smartphone models, the company officials said.

The reason behind the battery being more durable and has an increased power-retention capacity are the silicon anodes used in the Lithium-Silicon battery. These silicon anodes are said to hold more power than graphite-based versions, thereby making the battery more powerful and durable as compared to others.

“Just like how multi-touch technology changed the way displays work, Huawei’s ultra-fast charging technologies will redefine the way people use smartphones and free users from nomophobia – the fear of having no access to phones,” said the company.

As per the sources, the new batteries will be coated with a 3D nitrogen-doped carbon network which has a high conductivity and will favor ultra-fast charging. The ultra-fast technology used in the battery is different from other traditional fast-charging solutions. The new technology uses a relatively low-voltage and high-current formula to maximize the amount of current entering the device. Besides this, the technology minimizes efficiency losses, heat, and throttling.

“This innovation is based on electrochemical kinetics advancements, which enable ultra-fast charging batteries to support greater power efficiency and current input. Leveraging the nitrogen-doped carbon frame, Huawei improved the stability intercalation and deintercalation of lithium,” the company added.

The ultra-fast charging battery invented by the handset maker’s is the result of material innovation which is fully compatible with the existing battery solutions.

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