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Google to implement strict checks on play store reviews and ratings

The app developers over the play store were targeted by Google today for buying reviews and ratings with the aim to mislead the customers or damaging the reputation of the competitors.

The aim of taking on this exercise is to straighten out those app developers who are involved in frauds where developers follow a strategy to provide gains to customers for ratings and reviews. Google said that the development and maintenance team has already removed millions of Play Store reviews and ratings in the last week itself. They have also removed thousands of apps that were believed to have received reviews and ratings based on false strategy.

Apart from the developers, Google will also remove the users who write reviews by using hateful, disrespectful or unparliamentary language. Google has already issued directions to the play store users to register complaints about such scams and strictly report any such kind of activity. The primary motive of this is to report frauds and make a healthy environment for the development and utilization of apps. The platform should only be used for valuable feedbacks and posts.

Google also mentioned sites which are providing ratings and reviews by charging money. These Sites are generally automated response initiated and are controlled by machines. It is a complete network of scam run by the Cyber-criminals who infect the phone by infusing of malware in Android Phones. Once infected, they use the infected phone to install the app and act as a tool to rate apps, place reviews, or posts on demand which as a part of pay-per-install marketing scheme.

To prevent thriving and growing of industry that generates large quantities of trash on the Play Store, Google touted a new “system that integrates human intelligence with machine learning to detect and enforce policy violations in ratings and reviews.” The publically issued warning by Google warned the app developers to stay away from false ratings and reviews that sway app rankings and user opinion or face the permanent ban from play store.

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