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Amazon to sell more Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and others

On Friday, has revealed that for the festival and holiday shopping season, the company will carry more products of Apple to sell them across the globe. The firm has even affirmed that in the coming weeks it will sell all new devices that have been recently launched by Apple in the United States, Europe, Japan, and India.

Top firms like Apple and Nike have started selling their products more on Amazon, which earlier resisted to make their products available on the same. The reason behind is that has become a critical channel for reaching customers.

Besides this, Amazon has even taken a harder line on counterfeit goods as well. As per the reports by one of the leading newspapers, Amazon will rid its site of Apple products from third-party merchants. These third-party merchants will be the ones which are not authorized by the Cupertino, California-based technology company. But buyers will still find non-branded accessories – like headphones – that are compatible with Apple devices over the website.

On the other hand, Alphabet Inc’s Google last year has removed its video streaming app YouTube from Amazon devices. The tech giant Google took such action against an array of complaints by the users towards the online retailer. Besides this, Amazon has also decided not to sell some of Google’s products over its website.

There is also news circulating nowadays that Amazon will sell Apple TV on the website after it becomes compatible with Amazon’s Prime Video.

“We’re working with Amazon to improve the experience for Apple customers on their site, and we look forward to those customers having another great way to buy iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and more,” Apple said in a statement.

Talking about the figures as per the recent reports, indirect distribution channels like Amazon resulted in a total of 71 percent of Apple’s sales in fiscal 2018.

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